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Washington Post: AARP Backs Age Discrimination Suit Before Supreme Court
"The Supreme Court will hear "allegations of age discrimination in five cases this term. While the sheer number of cases probably can be explained away as coincidence, the topic is one of growing importance as more people work longer because of economic necessity or by choice. 'The importance of protecting older workers as the work force ages is enormous,' said Stu Cohen, AARP's director of legal advocacy. 'More older workers remain in the workforce and projections are that the percentage will continue to expand.'"
Fox Business: AARP's Ginzler Offers Advice On Caring For Elderly Parents
"Baby boomers increasingly are having to assess their parents' medical needs and ability to live alone," and boomers need to be aware of "signs that their parents might need more care than they are currently receiving, said Elinor Ginzler, director of livable communities at AARP and co-author of Caring for Your Aging Parents." If boomers "notice some of these problems the best way to approach a conversation, according to Ginzler, is to start out with something like 'Mom, I couldn't help but notice that...'"
Associated Press: Boomers Living Standards Threatened By Health Care Costs
"Many baby boomers are not going to be able to maintain their standard of living in retirement, not only because they're not saving enough but also because they face skyrocketing health care costs. A study being released Tuesday by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that health care expenses could take a big bite out of retirees' budgets."

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