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TV Technology: AARP Finds Faults In Preparation For DTV Switch
"AARP Federal Affairs Consultant Debra Berlyn on the digital TV switch...TV Technology writes, "Despite funding to subsidize analog-to-digital converter boxes, and an array of educational campaigns, AARP thinks some legislative loopholes could leave the most vulnerable seniors without their TV services." Debra Berlyn says, "Television provides an essential information tool in the home for older Americans, with important safety and weather information, and local news, and we simply can't risk allowing any households to lose this vital access."
USA Today: USA Today Columnist Recommends Social Security Strategy
"Sandra Block writes, "A little-known Social Security early retirees a way to have their cake and eat it, too." Senior citizens "who receive early-retirement benefits from Social Security can withdraw their application, repay the benefits they've received and refile for higher benefits at a later date," which in some cases, can give "the equivalent of an inflation-indexed annuity...for about 40% less than the lowest-cost annuity available on the private market."
USA Today: States Want To Tap Boomers' Skills
"The wave of baby boomers hitting retirement age threatens to create such a void in the workforce that states are crafting policies and programs to keep older Americans working and volunteering." Five states have already done so and eight more are "working with the National Governors Association to study ways to keep boomers in the labor market as volunteers or part-time workers." USA Today writes that the laws are "a major shift in public policy in a nation that has treated the aging of 79 million boomers as a likely drain on social and entitlement programs."

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