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Marketwatch: Housing Industry Sees New Market In Green Homes
"Housing developments that target baby boomers may be the next big push for the green housing market and statistics indicate this could be a good marriage...In 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated there were approximately 78.2 million baby boomers in America. A December 2007 survey by AARP found that roughly half of all boomers see themselves as environmental stewards, or 'green boomers.'"
Washington Times: NFIB Reiterates Support For Health Care Reform
"Amanda Austin, senior manage of legislative affairs for the National Federation of Independent Business, writes that the Times "editorial 'Health care and the GOP' reiterates the importance of health care in this year's presidential race and underscores the fact that the candidates are not doing enough to address the rising cost of health care."
Washington Post: Post Columnist Sees Few Ramifications In 401(k) Ruling
"The Supreme Court's ruling on the mismanagement of a 401(k) plan last week isn't likely to have broad ramifications for investors saving for retirement. But it does highlight ongoing efforts to expand protections for investors managing their own retirement accounts."

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