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Associated Press: Existing Home Sales Decline
"Sales of existing homes fell for the sixth straight month in January, dropping to the slowest sales pace on record. Median home prices were also down and many analysts predicted further price declines in the months ahead given high levels of unsold homes."
Washington Times: Collegial Hand For Seniors
"Assisted living's "rapid expansion -- and the need for trained administrators -- is predicted to continue as baby boomers age." In response, George Mason University set up its "program in assisted living/senior housing administration," the "only one of its type in the United States."
US News and World Report: Senators Seek Increased Transparency In Nursing Home Industry
"A "controversial" new proposal by Sens. Chuck Grassley and Herb Kohl "seeks to force nursing homes to provide more information about ownership and accountability. If it passes, the legislation will trigger the largest reform of nursing home care in 21 years. 'More transparency, enforcement, and staff training are all needed,' Grassley said."

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