In The Morning News

Fox Business: Boomers Look To City Life In Retirement
"According to AARP, people usually choose to stay put after retirement. And if they do move, it's usually to be closer to family. But this isn't your grandmother's retirement...'People like the idea that they can walk out their door or hop on public transportation to get to a theater, museum, restaurant or shopping mall,' said Elinor Ginzler, director of livable communities at AARP."
Marketwatch: Columnist Answers Questions On Social Security
"Week in and week out, readers email questions about Social Security in hopes of learning how to maximize this most basic of benefits." Powell responds to "some of the more common and not so-common questions that have crossed the transom."
Washington Post: Supreme Court Sides With Worker In Age Discrimination Case
"The Supreme Court yesterday gave the benefit of the doubt to a FedEx worker who claimed age discrimination, and said her case should not be thrown out because of mistakes made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission."

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