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Best Senior Discount Ever!

If you're like my wife, you may resist the notion of taking advantage of a senior discount. We're at a tender age, and she's not keen for people to think she's older than she really is.


But if we move to the Philippines and are lucky enough to make it to 100, I'm not giving her a choice.

Legislation being debated there would give centenarians up to a 75 percent discount on all sorts of goods and services. That's on top of an outright gift of 100,000 Philippine pesos on your 100th birthday. (Don't get too excited: That's only $2,361.62 in U.S. dollars, but still ...)

The bill has set off a spat between rival legislators, according to a report on

The problem started when one lawmaker introduced a bill that would have given a 50 percent discount to 100-year-olds (still pretty good, no?). Another lawmaker then jacked it up to 75 percent so that he could take credit for the measure (or so the article implies). Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, worrying that businesses might object, vetoed the legislation.

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The son of the lawmaker who originally came up with the idea - the elder lawmaker is retiring - says that he intends to reintroduce his father's measure in the upcoming legislative session. It's expected to become law next time around.

The legislation also calls for the president of the Philippines, playing the part of Willard Scott, to award letters of recognition to all citizens who make it to year 100. A posthumous award would be given, ABS-CBN reports, "in case the centenarian is already deceased."

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