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News To Know: Challenges Face The Presidential Candidates And The Country

Senator Obama has received a good deal of coverage recently as he has taken the time to detail many of the policies he would advocate if elected President. On the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog, Scott Hensley outlined Obama's plans for health care which apparently include whupping Congress into shape with a stick given to him by a supporter at a rally in Virginia. Aside from talking about what he wanted to do to increase health care coverage, Obama also told the audience what he wouldn't cover...liposuction.
At the same time, the blog Obscurity Calls noted that Senator McCain was chastising his political opponents for using delaying tactics rather than dealing with Social Security now. It's great to see influential politicians forcing this issue to the forefront rather then pushing it onto the back burner. Now let's see if anything gets done.
While Congress recently passed the budget, for a whopping three trillion dollars, it failed to address the key financial and health care concerns facing the country in the future. Fire Dog Lake picked up on a Reuters piece which notes that it will most likely be up to the new President to deal with the most important and troubling issues our nation faces.

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