No Saturday Morning Cartoons for Rudy and Mitt

A sunshine-drenched morning in central Iowa set the stage for another day of intense campaigning by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
A red-shirted Divided We Fail volunteer attended an appearance by Romney at an Altoona diner. Despite limited parking and an overflow crowd at the restaurant, the volunteer made it in to hear Romney stress the importance of health care reform - saying it should be solved predominantly by market forces.
"Champions or Change" were also front-and-center for rally at Rudy Giuliani's Iowa HQ early this morning. The former mayor was literally engulfed by the media - that made up about half of the 100+ that were packed into his small, strip-mall office in Clive. During his brief remarks, Giuliani spoke mostly on national security. He did mention the importance of health care reform - stressing that it should not lead to more government control of the system.
Rudy and Mitt will spend the rest of their Saturday campaigning in Southeast Iowa.

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