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Still Some Work to Do

With just three weeks until Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, Iowa AARP members of both political parties say they are following the campaign closely, but like many polls, they are not yet settled on their candidate preferences. It's gonna come down to the wire.
Full survey here, but some interesting tidbits:
The survey also asked AARP members their opinion on how well the candidates are addressing the Divided We Fail issues of health and financial security. Member responses show that only five candidates are rated as addressing financial security at least somewhat well by 50% or more, and six are rated as addressing health care very or somewhat well by half or more.
When asked to name which candidate respondents feel has best addressed financial security issues, Gov. Mitt Romney came in at 15 percent and Gov. Mike Huckabee 7 percent. On the Democratic side, Sen. John Edwards was cited by 14 percent, Sen. Hillary Clinton by 14 percent and Sen. Barrack Obama by 10 percent. A majority in both parties say they still do not know enough about the candidates' positions to make a judgment - 61 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Democrats.
When asked to name which candidate respondents feel has best addressed health care issues, Romney was cited by 15 percent and Huckabee by 9 percent. For the Democrats, Clinton was mentioned by 27 percent, Edwards by 22 percent and Obama by 8 percent. A majority of Republicans, 58 percent, and a plurality of Democrats, 31 percent, say they do not know enough about their party's candidates' position to say.
Sounds to me like some folks still have some work to do...

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