The Takeaway: Sexting; Health Care Law; iCloud

Person texting
Sexting - it's not just for kids anymore: Why is this the lede? Because it's topical and many people over 50, apparently, are doing it. 

... Health care battle heats up: A key challenge to the new health care law will be heard in an Atlanta court Wednesday. "At issue is whether Congress had the authority to require nearly every American to buy health insurance in 2014, the so-called individual mandate." Experts say this is the one to watch. ... Another historic court case comes full circle ... Louisiana residents Keith Plessy and Phoebe Ferguson have started a new civil rights education organization: Cafe Reconcile.

... Steve Jobs makes it rain, sorta: The Apple founder unveiled the iCloud, a free online storage system that's almost a "harddrive in the sky." People can store music, photos or any digital documents to the app and get access whenever they want. ...  Actually, it's not the beansprouts: The mysterious E. coli outbreak continues as German officials Monday said there is no evidence that sprouts from an organic farm in northern Germany were to blame. ...

Age=experience=productivity A study by University of Mannheim researchers in Germany found that older employees are much more productive than their younger counterparts, at least on the Mercedes assembly line that was the focus of the study.

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