The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

We're not sure if the Catchup Advisory Board approves, but the big news this week was Garrison Keillor announcing plans to bid adieu to Lake Wobegon and A Prairie Home Companion after nearly 37 years.  Judging by the response to his plans, he'll surely be missed. Why now? "I sure don't want to make a fool of myself and be singing romantic duets with 25-year-old women when I'm 75."

(Um ... that's a bad thing, Garrison?)


- Japan's seniors are hit hardest by the disaster's aftermath
In natural disasters, seniors often fare the worst. Limited mobility and delayed reaction coupled with scarce resources often hinder rescue efforts. Japan is no different.
Also: Avoid Earthquake Relief Scams for Japan

- AARP: Social Security Not in Crisis
It will provide guaranteed lifetime benefits for America's future retirees, AARP said in response to a Washington Post/ABC poll.

- Retirement Confidence Sinks to Record Low in Two Decades
The U.S. economy is improving, but many older Americans aren't buying it. A recent survey reports they don't feel secure about their future or how they will pay for retirement.


- Beyond March Madness

Your brackets are all filled in. March Madness is here. After you cheer on (or weep over) your favorite team during this year's NCAA basketball tournament, take some time to check out how one man is changing the lives of neighborhood kids. With a few rules and goals, life can be "all net."

- Ipad 2 Review

Did you get the IPad 2, yet? Apple's second-generation tablet delivers the goods, but it's more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Opening this weekend:
Movies for Grownups Review: The Lincoln Lawyer
Also: Q&A With Author Michael Connelly
As his bestseller The Lincoln Lawyer hits the screen, the mystery writer is at the top of his game.

"I realized I had a problem when I found myself, off on a dream vacation, sneaking into the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. to check my homepage," Confessions of a Facebook addict.

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