The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

So ... what exactly happens if the government shuts down? If the White House and congressional Republicans can't come to an agreement, we'll find out. Right now a temporary resolution is funding the government. That's set to expire next Friday.

What it means for you.


- Why can't we all get along? Thanks to my colleague Mike Lee for spotlighting a very interesting debate between Gen Xers and Boomers in Philadelphia Magazine. The "old people," Gen Xers say, are, like, taking their jobs, ruining the economy and, geez, making them skip yoga to work overtime. Are they SERIOUS?? And why won't they retire already? Boomers' response: Quit yer whining. You wouldn't have yoga if we hadn't invented it and GET OFF MY LAWN. It's all very enlightening.

- How much is life worth? Imagine you were suffering from a terminal illness and a treatment could boost your immune system to help fight the disease. The drug would not be a cure, may extend your life by about 4 months and costs $93,000 per patient. Would you take it?

- Jobs up for 55-plus workers, but unemployment is down. For a second month in a row, American employers added a solid number of jobs to their payrolls, bringing the unemployment rate down to 8.8 percent, a two-year low.

- There's recycling and then there's this: Cancer survivor turns medication into jewelry. Susan Braig, 61, takes old pharmaceutical pills and tablets and mounts them on costume jewelry to create colorful necklaces, pendants, earrings and tiaras that she sells.

- Hospitals increasingly offer palliative care. It's not as popular as hospice care, but its use is growing fast. About 59 percent of hospitals with more than 50 beds now have palliative-care programs.

- And this is the part where your teens roll their eyes and skulk away: House concerts are becoming very popular with Boomers and struggling musicians. Forget loud halls and big arenas, a jam session in the living room with a few friends (who make a great audience) is all some people need.

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