The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

Casey Anthony confession video? Beware: If you come across a link promising a video of Casey Anthony confessing to killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, you should pass. It's a fake. Or more specifically, it's a scam. The link, showing up all over Facebook, reads:

"BREAKING NEWS - Leaked video of CASEY ANTHONY confessing to lawyers. Click To See - She can't be re-tried, double jeopardy[sic]...OJ all over again!"

What happens when you click on the link? You're redirected to another Website, and asked to answer a survey - before you can view the video. That survey leads to another, and so on. While more annoying than harmful, the scammers can then post the fake video link on your wall and lure your friends in, all the while making money every time someone completes a survey. Related: How to keep your information private on Facebook.  ... Primer on social media.

... Time out.  There are no debt talks scheduled for today, so let's catch up and really look at how this showdown affects you. If the debt ceiling isn't raised, will Social Security checks be mailed on August 3? What happens if the nation defaults on its obligations? What happens to Medicare? What does all of this really mean for you? ... Yesterday's roundup: Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell continue to look at an alternative "hybrid" solution and President Obama gives Congressional leaders until Saturday to reconsider their positions and come to an agreement.

... From Candy Sagon: "Americans between the ages of 50 and 75 are at the highest risk for colon cancer, yet one out of three - about 22 million of you - still haven't gotten screened for this deadly disease." ... Want to ward off dementia or Alzheimer's? Keep your body and mind in shape, a new study suggests.

The grandmuggle's guide to Harry Potter.  Are you on movie duty this weekend and need to catch up before taking the grandkids to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2? Want to avoid sounding really ridiculous? You're welcome: Movies for Grownups review: J.K. Rowling's finale is a spectacular - and surprisingly poignant - farewell; Review of Part 1Deathly Hallows FAQ.

Father and son witness space shuttle launch in 1981 and 2011
And finally: A father and son witness the first and last space shuttle launch - 30 years apart - and capture both times on film.

"Thirty years ago, the first space shuttle launched into the stratosphere. Chris Bray and his father Kenneth watched -- and took a picture. Then last Friday, the shuttle Atlantis took its final trip. Again, the Bray men were there. And again, the two snapped a photo to capture the moment." Also: The Space Shuttle Lives Forever on Film

What you may have missed this week:

... Caregiver Catch-22. You want to care for your parents, but you also have a full-time job, a family and, possibly, a looming retirement. As hard as the choice is, a recent study suggests that caregivers should keep their day jobs.  ...  Boomers expect more out of retirement. "Americans 55 and older are more likely to be worried or even angry about the state of their finances than they were before the recession, but poll results released Tuesday suggest their confidence is making a rebound."

... Does obesity = child abuse? If your grandchild was obese, should her parents lose custody? One expert says yes. ... ... Who are you calling old? "Younger adults call 60 the start of old age, but baby boomers are pushing that number back, according to the Associated poll. The median age they cite is 70. And a quarter of boomers insist you're not old until you're 80."

... Medicare anti-fraud system launched. Federal officials launched a nationwide computer system to weed out falsified Medicare claims. Florida is the first state to test the new program. ... Drive to stem shingles among older people fails to meet goals. ... We built this city. It's not news to us, but many metropolitan areas are slowly realizing that their hip expanding neighborhoods aren't suitable for their aging residents - who are not going anywhere, by the way.

... More on Betty Ford's legacy. From SecondAct: How the former first lady changed the world and helped boomers confront their demons.

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