The Takeaway: Who's on Twitter?

Twitter is looking a little mature these days: Adult-spurred traffic to the social-networking site has climbed 13 percent among adults, largely due to people ages 44-64. And Facebook isn't far behind. ( But you already knew that.)


... Like the Chrysler ad says, this is what we do:  News of a group of retirees in Japan volunteering to work in a nuclear plant sparked cheers and praise on the Web. But this is not a new phenomenon. About 33 percent of all people born between 1946 and 1964 volunteer on a regular basis - the highest rate of any generational group.


... Playing catch-up: American communities are failing to adequately expand social programs in preparation for the huge wave of boomers who are beginning to hit their senior years, according to a report released Thursday.


... Have some bacon with those eggs: Higher-fat diets may not cause artery damage for obese people trying to lose weight, a new study shows. ... On the radar: European food outbreak soars. The mystifying  strain of the E. coli bacteria appears to be causing cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome, which attacks the kidneys and can cause seizures, strokes and comas.

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