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Today's the Day

Today, millions of Americans will hit the polls to decide who should represent their party in the upcoming Presidential election. One thing we know about the electorate is that as many as half of them could be over the age of 50. In 2006, about half of those who went to the polls were 50+. So far in the primary season, we've seen:

- In the Republican primary in Michigan, half the voters were 50+.
- In South Carolina, just over half the Democratic voters were 50 plus; and for the Republicans, nearly 70 percent of voters fell into the age group.
- 61 percent of the Democratic voters in Florida were 50 plus and 65 percent of the Republicans were over 50 too.

The bottom line is that the 50 plus vote will be big today, of this there can be no doubt. Our research shows they are interested in hearing about health care and financial security. We'll be watching and blogging through the night about 50 plus voters.

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