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Update from Sunny Fla

Yes, it is warm here and in no small part to the energy and enthusiasm of AARP volunteers and staff across the state. Here's an update from AARP's Jeff Johnson:
"On Saturday, we saw volunteers walking through orange groves and eating pork at 10 am with former Governor Mike Huckabee, handing out side by sides and bird-dogging former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at trendy St. Armand's circle in Sarasota, attending rallies and town halls for Senator John McCain in Fort Myers and Lakeland and former Governor Mitt Romney in Lutz, and prepping for Monday's rally. We are also rallying our volunteers who live too far from the Monday's rally in Hollywood to alert them to the what each candidate is doing around the state. Essentially, we could accomplish a lot by painting Champ logos on the runway of every small plane airport in the state. I'm guessing the FAA has rules about that stuff, though."
We're headed to Miami today to remind Senator Hillary Clinton and former Governor Mitt Romney about the importance of health and financial security issues. While the Democratic candidates are not officially campaigning in Florida, we have heard a rumor that Senator Clinton will be here today. We'll let you know.

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