AARP Cheat Sheet: ORLANDO, Day 2

What a first day here in gorgeous, sunny Orlando. We thought we were going to have clouds, but the sun is out and so are we! Day One brought us Jane Pauley, the Dog Whisperer, Dave Barry, job advice, and topped off with Gladys Knight and B.B. King. Oh, and a drum circle, which is totally going on YouTube. (They do one every night!) Also, some AARP street style.

Best quotes from a crazy day:
"Dave Barry now hazing the audience about Florida drivers. He says Florida gives away drivers licenses free w Happy Meal." - @ floridagirlindc
"I am donning my red wig, slinging my camera 'round my neck, and headed out with my best Brenda Starr on..." - @cowtown_pattie (who's an official guest blogger with AARP - check her blog here.)
"B.B. performed from a chair with his beloved Lucille. He talked to us with his stories, his blues lyrics, and his guitar. He liked us. We liked him back." - GoToRetirement, another guest blogger.
"I did my imitation of the human tripod at Dave Barry's press conference. I held the microphone in one hand. I held the camera in the other hand. I did a plausible imitation of the Karate Kid in his crane pose, only of course I balanced in poised stillness on both my feet." - Frank Paynter, our third guest blogger, introducing his tech woes over at his blog.
Here's a neat trick: you can catch all the sessions live, and watch archived video of yesterday's sessions. Like time travel, but better. Just go here.
Up for today: James Carville and Mary Matalin; Chris Gardner; and Los Lobos (!) to top it off with a dance party. And as always, you can catch highlights on Twitter. It's been quite the fascinating feed over the last few days.

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