AARP Cheat Sheet: ORLANDO, Day 3

"Music is good for the soul... and the soul lives forever." (She has her own YouTube channel, too. Check it out here.)
If you're at Orlando@50, please join the drummin' gang... it'll kick off one last time around 4:30, just in front of the exhibit hall entrance. You might even catch me there with a drum in my hand! (Oh, and here's a handy guide to participating.)
And now to highlights from yesterday:
Our guest bloggers got a little spa treatment on: "I am on my way to being refined, toned, and if those products can make me a purty as Joan Lunden!" - @ cowtown_pattie
Secretary Sebelius talked health care reform, and guest blogger Frank Paynter was there: "Medicare advantage doom sayers have been proven wrong. Cost of Medicare administration is going down. There was applause when the Secretary said this. She underscored her point by saying, "Going down is a good thing." Who could disagree?"
Joan Lunden talked longevity - but really, she was talking about quality of life. "New lives, new wives, younger husbands... whatever works for you!" - @AARPBeth. But she wasn't just jokes - Joan had some straight-talk about taking charge of your own health records: ""Approach these doctors' meetings like business. TAKE NOTES. It's ok to ask for a written diagnosis." Why? ""If you gather all this health records/history together, it is THE most valuable gift you can give to your children."
Next up, the world's oddest marriage: Democratic pundit and strategist James Carville and Republican consultant Mary Matalin. I died at the quotes - you can read 'em all here, but my favorite was from James Carville: "I'd rather be married to someone who's passionate and I disagree with than be married with no passion. Plus, I'd rather be married to someone who hates my politics than hates my mama."
Chris Gardner was undoubtedly the star of the day. Everyone I talked to said "oh, that was my favorite." My favorite bit: "You can't choose your eye color, but you can choose your spirit - the person you want to become." (More here.)
Meanwhile, an emotional crowd was writing their six-word memoir. What's a six-word memoir, you ask? Well, here are just a few of my favorites from yesterday:
"Normal person becomes psychotic on Twitter."
"Yes, you can edit my biography." (That's from Jimmy Wales, who founded Wikipedia. Get it?)
And from the audience: "Missed Woodstock. Young mom. Rockin now."
Back to the serious: Newt Gingrich talking Medicare fraud.
" 'He's sooo cute!' Women stammering about Stedman Graham as he gears up to talk at Orlando@50" - @ AARPNY
Remember how we're working on that elder hunger issue? By that time yesterday, we'd collected over 5,000 lbs of food. And it keeps coming in.
We talked dating at 50+... and got nitty gritty about online dating: "It's OK to Google search your dates. It's weird, but it's a safety measure too. And you can learn something about them too."
Once we talked courtship, it was on to the bedroom. The AARP Twitter feed got raunchy ("is this TMI day on Twitter?" someone asked) but it was all about smart sex attitudes. "Sex as a healer - it can make a bad day better, can make you feel closer to your partner."
We caught a few seconds of another drum circle - and then it was on to the dance party with Los Lobos, Gloria Gaynor, and the World Class Rockers. "Who says old men cant dance? They r shaking it to Gloria gaynor!" - @TrishBaron tweeted from the floor. Things got slow - "Can you sing?" Gloria asked the audience. "Alright then..." and Gloria and the crowd, sang "Killing me softly with his song." Slow dances, couples kissing on the dance floor... it was a great end to a fantastic day. (We'll have video later.)
That's all! Here we go, Day 3...

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