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Best. Shuttle. Movies. Ever.

Yep, I'm double-dipping here, so please do drop in at today to read my roundup of the five best cameos by the Space Shuttle in Hollywood movies. 

But as a reward for being loyal blogpals, here are links to those Shuttle spectaculars:


Moonraker: With James Bond's best opening scene ever--thrown from a plane without a parachute!


Space Camp:   Which, thanks to Challenger, went overnight from being a cute-thrill teen movie to the stuff of nightmares.


Armageddon:  "Shuttle to Houston, Armageddon outta here!"


The Core: Notice how Aaron Eckhart says "Nu-cu-lar." They used to scorch George W. Bush for saying that (even though Jimmy Carter pronounced it the same way, and he studied nucular engineering). Also, the few who saw this one will notice that the trailer gives away the surprise cause of the disaster!


Superman Returns: The Shuttle gives new meaning to the term, "a high fast one."

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