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Eric Bana: Don't Cheat Your Audience!

Almost from the moment I Tweeted a photo from my chat with the Australian actor Eric Bana last week, I've been hearing from various women around the office who, for lack of a better analogy, are melting like butter on a hot stack of pancakes over the man's hunkiness (I guess I'm not actually lacking a better analogy, but that's the one I'm going with).

Eric Bana AARP Interview
Eric Bana chats with AARP's Bill Newcott.

Bana puts his charms to excellent use in his new thriller Closed Circuit-costarring Rebecca Hall and Jim Broadbent-but I'm also happy to report that in addition to being a bonafide beefcake, Bana is an engaging, fun guy. Although he plays a lot of serious roles (they don't get much more grim than that of his terrorist-tracking assassin in Steven Spielberg's Munich), Bana started out doing stand-up comedy, so he has a healthy and endearingly ironic perspective when it comes to the business of being a movie star.

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Here's a video blog of our conversation. Bana talks about how some thrillers cheat their audiences with outrageous twists; how his beloved father-in-law, a leading Australian judge, influenced his role as a lawyer in Closed Circuit; and why sometimes the most serious-minded movies are the ones that are the most fun to shoot.


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