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Exclusive Clip: Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau


EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau in Remember
Two beloved stars, Christopher Plummer ( The Sound of Music) and Martin Landau ( Mission: Impossible) team up for the first time in Remember, a searing drama about two Holocaust survivors with one last chance to bring a war criminal to justice. In this exclusive clip for AARP Movies for Grownups, the two actors hatch their plan in secret.



Deadpool laying next to fireplace
Deadpool: A Dead End for Grownup Movies?
The  MARVEL flick Deadpool is rated R, but no way is it aimed at the Grownup Movie audience: Nearly half of those who’ve plunked down half a billion dollars to see it so far are 25 and under. Scott Mendelson of Forbes says he fears the megahit will send Hollywood all the wrong signals: “Why bother with a $37 million Creed or a $25 million Straight Outta Compton,”  he writes, “when you can make [superhero flicks] for the same small budget — with an R rating, no less — and watch as everyone shows up?”

Eugene Cernan and “Last Man on the Moon” producer Mark Stewart at the Movies for Grownups Awards


Never Too Late to Launch
Astronaut Gene Cernan, subject of the fantastic new Last Man on the Moon, tells us he briefly considered a political career after returning to Earth, only to decide one attribute would keep him out of office: “I told the truth too much,” Cernan confesses. “But looking around today, if I were 20 years younger, I’d run for President!”



This Weekend at the Movies

Designates a Movies for Grownups Editors’ Choice


New in Theaters

Eddie the Eagle

Ungainly Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards — Britain’s first Olympic ski jumper in 50 years — was the sensation of the 1988 Calgary games, and this delightful retelling of his tale brings back the giddy fun he brought to the event. Taron Egerton ( Kingsman: The Secret Service) brings an earnest naïveté to the Popeye-chinned skier; Hugh Jackman is a cranky delight as his coach, a washed-up former ski champ. FULL REVIEW

The Last Man on the Moon

This thrilling, inspiring, beautiful documentary about Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan deftly evokes America’s decade-long commitment to landing a man on the moon in 1969. Part of the joy comes from reveling in a time when the nation could agree on a common goal.

Triple 9
“999” is police-band radio code for “Officer down!” In this case that would be Officer Casey Affleck, who’s been shot by a group of crooked Atlanta cops trying to create a distraction so they can pull off a heist across town. The bad news — for them — is that the targeted cop doesn’t die.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (IMAX and Netflix)
Your choice: Find a giant screen showing this sequel to the 2000 classic or watch it on your TV. Already a runaway hit in China, the fantasy action flick brings back Michelle Yeoh as the warrior who must prevent a powerful sword from falling into the hands of an evil warlord.



New at Home

In one of the year’s best films,  Michael Keaton stars as the  Boston Globe editor who coached his ace reporters ( Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams are two) through their outing of pedophile priests.  FULL REVIEW

The Good Dinosaur
So what if that big ol’ comet hadn’t killed off all the dinosaurs? This Disney/Pixar family pic explores the possibilities in a tale of a boy and his bronto.

Secret in Their Eyes
Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Chiwetel Ejiofor: what a fantastic cast! And oh, how they are wasted on this lame American remake! Skip it in favor of the  Argentine original, a compelling mystery/thriller set in the years after the Perón dynasty.

Still Out There

The Big Short

Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling,  Steve Carell and  Brad Pitt star in this account of the kooky-canny investors who saw the 2007 financial crash coming — and cashed in while everyone else lost their shirts. Director Adam McCary literally stops the action to put the likes of chef  Anthony Bourdain and Selena Gomez before the camera to explain the mechanics of ARMageddon.



A fond farewell to legendary cinematographer Douglas Slocombe, who died this week at 103. You may not know his name, but as you’ll see in this wrap-up of his best films, you’ve certainly shared his vision.

In this brooding, atmospheric western,  Kiefer Sutherland is a middle-aged (!) gunslinger and  Donald Sutherland plays his estranged father, a devout minister.  Rather than bemoaning that unpardonable delay, let’s rejoice that their initial pairing has yielded such thoughtfully nuanced performances.

Hail, Caesar!
Those crazy Coen brothers ( Fargo) plunge us into a fantasized version of 1950s Hollywood with this delightful ensemble piece about a studio head (Josh Brolin) dealing with the kidnapping of his biggest star ( George Clooney). Making high-wattage cameos are Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Wayne Knight.  FULL REVIEW


Film Production Stills
Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in "Forsaken"
Dan Power

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Two Sutherlands for the Price of One!
Can this be right? Golden Globe winners Donald Sutherland and son Kiefer have never costarred before? With this week’s opening of their new film,  Forsaken, that cosmic injustice is finally redressed. Kiefer plays a burned-out gunslinger, while Donald is his preacher-man pop.  In this clip exclusive to AARP, they encounter a gang of land-grabbing bad guys.

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A snappy script and energetic performances by Jennifer Lawrence,  Robert De Niro, Diane Ladd, Virginia Madsen and Isabella Rossellini keep things popping in this fact-based story of the woman whose Miracle Mop became a QVC sensation.  FULL REVIEW

National Parks Adventure 3D

Robert Redford narrates this big-screen journey through some of our most spectacular national parks.  Yosemite and  Yellowstone inspire awe, natch, but our favorite part is when those 30-foot-high prairie dogs pop up on the IMAX screen.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Jane Austen meets  George Romero as the Bennet girls and Mr. Darcy battle an army of the Undead.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones on the Movies for Grownups Awards red carpet


Join us for  this exclusive look at the stars who came out to shine at the Movies for Grownups Awards in Beverly Hills February 8. Those walking the red carpet included Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Dick Van Dyke, Lily Tomlin, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman and Kathy Griffin.


The story of Olympic champion  Jesse Owens — the African American runner who exploded  Hitler’s myth of Aryan superiority — is faithfully captured in this often-thrilling biopic starring Stephan James ( Selma) as Owens and SNL alumnus Jason Sudeikis as his coach.  FULL REVIEW

The story of Easter retold as a detective yarn? Yes, you heard that right. This unusual faith-based film stars Joseph Fiennes as a Roman officer charged with finding where the Jews have hidden the crucified body of Jesus of Nazareth. As our first-century investigator approaches his task with CSI-style detachment, I dare you to shake off his resemblance to a young Charlton Heston.

Zoolander 2
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return as the world’s ghastliest supermodels, this time entering a web of international intrigue.  Will Ferrell is back as an arch-villain, but the subversive hilarity of the original has gone AWOL.  FULL REVIEW


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