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Good TV This Week: At Long Last, Castle and Beckett

We've been waiting four seasons for our favorite roguish mystery novelist, Rick Castle, and his captivating muse, Detective Kate Beckett, to get together already! 

Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion

Finally, unless the promos and teaser clips are diabolically misleading, tomorrow night's (May 7) episode is the one.

"Castle and Beckett have spent a lot of time not talking about certain things, but in this episode they put all their cards on the table," is how show creator Andrew Marlowe put it, talking to  "And they're forced to confront not only their feelings for each other, but also the betrayals and secrets.  Each of them has betrayed the other in one way or another."  There's more.  "We have a lot of big moments in the finale.  We have some surprises for the audience," he said.  "Hopefully, they'll feel the year is ending in a satisfying way."

Yes, indeed.  It's been a satisfying season, what with episodes ranging from the 1940s noir takeoff (above) to "Cuffed," which found our sophisticated crime-solving duo awakening, handcuffed together, in a sealed room, unable to remember how they got there.  It's also been what Marlowe terms a "season of secrets, angsty for our characters," and darker than other seasons.  According to him, we can expect a return to more of the lightness and playfulness of the past in Season 5, "if the TV gods smile on us and we go on another season."

It's a safe bet they will.  And there is much to look forward to, now that those characters, played so well by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, are going new places.  As Marlowe told us, "It's a really exciting time, and we're pretty stoked over here at the writers' room to take the opportunities where the Castle-Beckett relationship is going now."

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