Larry King Signs Off

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Pic via WireImage/Getty
This week, cable pioneer Larry King signs off from his CNN show after 25 years of incredible interviews and commentary. Via Lorrie Lynch at AARP:
At the height of his success, he had 1.6 million nightly viewers, wrote a weekly column of quirky observations (which I edited for a short time) in the nationally circulated USA TODAY, and appeared as himself in 1990s movies like Dave and Bullworth.
As he goes out, King ranks third in his time slot behind Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and Sean Hannity on Fox. But King should be remembered as a cable pioneer and innovator who managed multiple talking heads on remote feeds with the agility of a juggler long before that many feeds or that type of talent became commonplace. He also deserves credit as a skilled interviewer who kept a link to his radio days by using a desk and mic format instead of the living room sofa sets favored by others in the TV talk-show biz.
Thank you and adieu, Larry King, for 25 years of television excellence. Read the rest here.

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