Meet Bob Dylan: A Mosaic of a Man

Bob Dylan photomosaic

Now  this is awesome:

To celebrate  Bob Dylan's 70th birthday, AARP The Magazine commissioned artist Robert Silvers to create this Photomosaic of the legendary musician for our May/June 2011 issue. Silvers, who invented the  Photomosaic process, used 25 of Dylan's album covers and other photographs of the singer taken throughout his career to re-create the compelling portrait shot by photographer Daniel Kramer in 1965. The image was later used as the cover for  Biograph, a 3-disc compilation album released in 1985.

A picture of a mosaic is above, but you have to go to  the page to experience how the Photomosaic works -- the albums are listed in chronological order too. That's one special way to celebrate a birthday!


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