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Richard Chamberlain on working on The Thorn Birds, filming a nude scene with Barbara Stanwyck and the secret to his youthful looks at age 78

"Experiences working on The Thorn Birds

"It was an amazing. It was thrilling working with Rachel Ward, Jean Simmons, Barbara Stanwyck and just so many wonderful people. Rachel and I got along very well. It was a very difficult relationship to play but we both trusted each other and I loved working with her. The character I played was just so complicated that it was always fascinating to work on."

Filming a nude scene with Barbara Stanwyck

"Barbara was one of the most professional actress in the history of show business. She never flubbed a line, she never made a mistake. She was just perfect all the time. Then in "The Thorn Birds" we had to do this naked scene and she comes up to me to say her part and she forgot her lines! She got so embarrassed and then said to me: "Oh, it's been so long since I've seen a naked man."

His secret to his youthful looks at age 78

"I love exercise. I get some kind of exercise everyday which is very important. Eating well and getting a good night sleep every night also can help the appearance."

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