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Star Power

Variety's talking about it, so we should too. AARP The Magazine held their 7th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards this week, taking home the coveted La Chaise d'Or (the Golden Chair), a trophy in the shape of a vintage theater chair. The awards honors those in the 50+ crowd that are continuing to engage grownup audiences challenging topics, thoughtful new approaches and sterling work by actors, actresses, directors and writers age 50+, all at the top of their game.
John Cleese and Dana Delany were the hosts for the evening and in true John Cleese form he made a joke out of Dana Delany being a last minute substitute for Jamie Lee Curtis who was sick with the flu. Winner Ruby Dee won for Best Supporting Actress over 50 for her performance in American Gangster. After a standing ovation, she had this to say, "I'm so happy this organization exists and this magazine exists. I'm so happy to join the ranks of folks who are no longer retired. I'm trying to form this army of the elders. Get motorized wheel-chairs and medications and hit the world, go up and down Congress, on the internet-worldwide seniors on the march. We'll make a difference. We're gonna put on our gloves and get going. Retirement...ha...what's that?"
Hal Holbrook accepted the Lifetime Achievement award from his wife, Dixie Carter (who presented him with the award) read a heartfelt letter written by his colleague, Robert Redford. Robert said that Hal has integrity, stamina, intelligence, humor and talent - all characteristics that make him "uniquely American." In his acceptance speech Hal said receiving the award was one of the "most awesome moments" of his life.



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