The Artist: Movies for Grownups 2012

"The Artist" is a nearly silent film that resonates deeply with 50+ viewers who appreciate its classic French cinema feel. Adult viewers will find a visual feast in the film's pastiche of 1920s Hollywood. Jean Dujardin plays the protagonist, a silent movie star whose fortunes fade with the advent of 'talkies', and as demand for silent movies wanes. With a focus on high drama, emotional nuance and human pathos, 'The Artist' is a reminder that the past continues to inform the present, and the persistence of memory serves one of the most powerful human needs; to aestheticise, archive and remember our collective past.

"I also love black and white, which some people assume they don't like. For me, it's more stylized and less realistic than color, more dreamlike, more concerned with essences than details," Roger Ebert says.

Does the silent-film format still have an appeal in today's fast-paced era? Would your kids watch a silent film? What were your favorites?

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