The Descendants: Movies for Grownups 2012

"The Descendants" takes an understated, emotionally uncompromising look at a family in crisis. The movie is set in paradisiacal Hawaii, a contrast against the slow unraveling of its main character, played by George Clooney, who faces a series of emotional challenges that test his limits. Older audiences will identify with the film's surprisingly stark look at true-to-life family dilemmas. (You can read our full review here.)

"I just have to share getting older with everybody in the world on screen and it's a little trickier, but I'm OK with it. I felt this was a good place to talk about fears and loss in your life and Alexander Payne was the perfect director to do it with. In this film I got to rediscover what it was like to not be confident." - George Clooney, interviewed by The Telegraph. 

Did you see the Descendants? What rang true for you?

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