TV for Grown Ups

Here's an interesting tidbit of news for today: the median age for viewers of Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC is now 51 years old.
Surprising? It may not sound like earth-shattering news, but it's incredibly important to the way that television networks conduct business from an advertising and show-producing perspective - and also interesting for us to watch the trend! A new report says that the broadcasters' audience has aged TWICE as quickly as the general population during the past two decades.
However, according to the AP article on the report, the median age of the American population in general is going up, too - from 33 in 1990 to 38 last year. The one statistic that surprised me the most was that the median age of "Dancing with the Stars," ABC's most popular series, is 60 years old!
The article says that more older viewers are available, and networks and advertisers are taking notice that they have money and are receptive to messages. There's no use fighting - or ignoring - the aging TV watching population!
Research chief at NBC, Alan Wurtzel, points out - ""Don't discount people who are in their 50s and 60s. They buy iPads. They're online." We sure know that!
Check out the article for all the interesting stats on shows that appeal to an older audience. What shows are you watching these days?

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