Twilight Mania: A Guide For The Mature Movie Goer


Today, on this most excellent Twilight Day, we present to you the 5 stages of mature "Twilight" fandom:

1. Disregard. It's just for the kids. Who goes to midnight movie screenings after they turn 22, anyhow? [ Ahem.]

2. Pick up casually discarded copy of "Eclipse." Read. Forget to stop. Bookmark "How to Talk to a Twilight Fan," just so you can talk to the kids and grandkids about it, of course.

3. Buy rest of series "just for the plane." Read. Accidentally finish them all. Analyze Twilight fandom, realize you're not the only one over 30 who's on Team Edward.

4. Join the "Twilight Moms."   Accidentally start following them on Twitter. 

5. Get entire back tattooed with Twilight characters. 

What were your stages of "Twilight" fandom? Tell us in the comments!

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