Deadly Cookie Dough?


This is actually pretty scary. As Congress debates over health care reform, food safety activists eagerly await action on a groundbreaking bill that would allow the FDA to protect millions of Americans from increasing dangers that are in our foods. Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough is of the most recent concern, with traces of E. coli that have hospitalized many folks. Just check out the stats on food-related illnesses year-round:
An estimated 76 million Americans get sick from a food-related illness every year, including 70,000 who become ill from E. coli, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Tainted food sends some 325,000 Americans to the hospital each year, and more than 5,000 die from it, the CDC reports. Many food-borne illnesses go unreported because people don't realize that food was the cause of their illness.
And older Americans are more susceptible. In fact, new data from CDC show that older people are the most likely to get severely sick and die from contaminated food. Check out the rest of the piece and the steps being taken to address this problem.

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