Fall Prevention Should Be a Priority

After all, your live may depend on it. Did you know that every 18 seconds, an older person lands in an emergency room due to a fall? Not to mention a whopping 23,000 deaths every year are because of a fall.
AARP Bulletin is featuring an article on new ways to tackle fall prevention, including new technologies and old tricks that may have been forgotten, like something as simple as testing for inner ear disorder or adjusting your medication. There is also high-tech solutions:
Perkins from Illinois was in a pioneering program where she and others got on a treadmill, wearing a harness that held them up if they fell. As researchers unexpectedly speeded up or slowed down the treadmill, people would often fall the first time but quickly learn to catch themselves. That was no surprise to Mark Grabiner, professor of kinesiology and bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who designed the program. He and his colleagues have been studying how older adults fall in order to train them not to--whether by taking a short step, a long step or even a couple of steps to help them regain their balance.
There's also balloon volleyball. No idea what it is? Check out the rest of the piece here and find out.

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