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Joe Battles on in the 'Biggest Loser'

The Biggest Loser - Season 14
Tyler Golden

The following is a guest post from Joe Ostaszewski of the Biggest Loser. Look for his posts here every Tuesday after the show.

Week 4

Wow, did I really walk out of the gym?? Yes I did, being a former athlete can be both a gift and a curse especially on a weight loss show!

Dolvett expects more out of me because he knows I have been in the trenches, and I know how to fight through pain! Some times it is hard to face the reality that Dolvett is helping me and I have to let him. He also expects me to lead the team while he is away and keep everyone on track for this weeks workouts! This is not anything that I could not handle, but there was "ONE" big change this week.

My Man "Action Jackson," who is also a member of Dolvett's Red Team, stepped out of his slump and became such an inspiration that any good leader worth their stripes would have done the same and let Jackson lead our team with confidence & enthusiasm! Jackson has been struggling with his body not letting him workout to his full potential, so it was great to see him overcome those barriers.

After taking second place in the 5k (3.2 miles), I was spent! After 20 years of not keeping some form of exercise in my daily routine, I just put everything aside, and told myself you are going to run this race and finish strong. The high stepping like "Prime Time" was the last bit of energy I had...

The support that we had from the community was amazing, two men joined me at the 2nd mile mark and coached, inspired & motivated me to finish strong. Thank you gentlemen, if we could have only caught Danni!!! It just goes to show, you can find others who you may not even know to challenge you along your own weight loss journey.

The next day was our Last Chance Workout (LCW), and Dolvett was on fire! He wanted to see if our Red Team put in the hard work needed to not go home! We had to eliminate a player last week and did not want to lose another team member. I felt as if I just played in a Saturday FSU vs UF football game it was so hard! That 5k, which by the way I have never run in my life, had every muscle in my body aching and I was retaining fluid behind my left knee. When I walked out of the gym I was hurting. This is where I knew I had to dig deep and push through this massive wall I had been building over the past 20 years... I am going to keep hammering till I get to the other side!

You can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction must come from within. I lost 7 pounds this week so now I am down to 310 pounds. Hopefully next week I will finally be able to get out of the 300s!

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