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'Lead by Example' Gets Taken to the Heart by 'Biggest Loser's Joe

The Biggest Loser - Season 14
Trae Patton
The following is a guest post from Joe Ostaszewski of the Biggest Loser. Look for his posts here every Tuesday after the show.

"Lead by example," was the theme of the week and it resonated so clearly to me. I can remember like it was yesterday coach Bowden addressing the team before my senior season at Florida State University: "Men this is your TEAM, for you seniors this is it! In order for us to have a great year, you must 'lead by example'."

Our seniors lead well that year, it was the game of the century-- the Florida State Seminoles (9-0) vs. the University of Miami Hurricanes (9-0).

Those old enough to remember, it was the first wide right with the Noles losing by 1 point. I learned a lot that game. I left everything on the field. I knew that everyone who hit the field that day played their best, and every senior on that team knew that we set a great example.

This week was my week to step up and lead by example. I knew I needed to work hard and leave everything in that ring. I wanted to ensure that our team would be here one more week. I also knew that if the red team lost the weigh-in, I would be going home. Francie and Jackson are roommates and best buddies, so even though we are all close, I knew that if it came down to a vote and I did not have the highest % on our team, I would be voted off. Even though most people were hoping not to get their face on that die, I was ready to accept the challenge and hoped to see my face ready for the challenge ahead. I got my wish. I was worried at first that Danni and Jeff would pull big percentages, but I knew that if I did everything correctly both in the gym and in the kitchen I wouldn't be ruled out.

I stayed on track with my calorie burn and intake knowing its importance, and focused on enthusiasm and positive energy. The aches and body pains were going away. I remember the feeling of gaining back control over my body instead of it being in control of me.

As we come to the halfway point of the season I just want to say to all my teammates it is an honor and privilege to workout, cry, laugh, hug and, yes, Jackson even throw up next to you.

Dolvett-- words cannot describe the respect I have for you. Thank you for never giving up on me and pushing me, so that I may see the "Big Picture."

As my inner strength continues to lead me into the second half of season, I am inspired to lead & motivate my teammates, family, friends and fans by my example.

It's getting tough and everyone knows that this is real. If you don't take advantage of every day on the Biggest Loser Ranch it could be you going home next.

I know that I am following my dream and looking forward to fulfilling my passion-- to help direct the Wear Your Soul Foundation, which is going to join Mrs. Obama's campaign to help stop childhood obesity.

Yes... I am Joe, and if I can do this so can you.

Wear Your Soul

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