Life@50+ Highlight: Still Sexy at Sixty

dr. ruth.jpg

Dr. Ruth joined us on the exhibit floor of Life@50+ to talk about intimacy and relationship after 50. Among many things (including encouraging the crowd to shout "sex!" in unison) she offered some insight into viagra and other enhancement drugs:

"It's all very well," she remarked about the "little blue pill," "but if your wife's not happy with you, an erection from the floor to the ceiling won't do you much good." Besides, she added, "Women don't want to have sex for 36 hours. They want to go shopping."

But best of all, she reminded everyone that the hardest part of sexuality and aging isn't the physical part of it: "The challenge is saying, 'Look how fortunate we are to have each other. Let's make the best of it.'"

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