News To Know: Don't Open Your Mouth And Say Ahh

open mouth.jpg

Ratings aren't just for restaurants anymore. With the rise of websites like Angie's List, you can rate the performance of just about any kind of service provider for anyone to see. The medical field is just one of the latest industries to come under the scrutiny of customers. Sites like allow users to post comments regarding their doctors and the treatment they have received. Well now doctors are fighting back, sometimes requiring a patient sign a waiver saying they won't post negative comments about them online before seeing them. Some doctors claim that these sites allow people to spread negative comments without any sort of verification, needlessly harming their reputations. Several doctors are trying to force websites to identify commenters and remove comments made by people who have signed non-disclosure waivers. So what do you think? Should a patient's right to discuss treatment trump a doctor's need to protect their reputation or vice versa?

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