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Some Post Primary Thoughts

Last night, Floridians went to the ballot box to select their candidates in the primary. Over 60 percent of those who showed up in Florida yesterday were 50 and over, according to CNN's exit polling.
In the Democratic race, health and financial security mattered. In the CNN exit poll of Democratic voters, 55 percent overall cited the economy as the top issue. Just as interesting: those who supported Senator Clinton, 55 percent cited health care as the top issue.
Financial concerns were important in the Republican race as well. Florida attorney Justin Sayfie, author of the online Florida political bible Sayfie Review said in a recent interview in National Review online, "Economic issues are at the forefront in Florida, as the cost of living in the state has become unaffordable for many, and we have seen our population growth go flat in the past year. Property taxes and high property insurance rates are top of mind for Florida voters." He wasn't wrong. In the same CNN exit poll, 45 percent of Republicans cited the economy as the top issue.

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