Taking an Excursion for Your Medical Needs?


Doesn't seem to make sense, but it's actually becoming more and more common. While medical tourism has existing for some time -- where Americans will travel abroad to other countries to get necessary medical treatment for cheaper -- a new trend is growing in the U.S.: Domestic medical travel. Via AARP Bulletin:
[A]s medical travel firms negotiate attractive rates with doctors, clinics and hospitals and market them to insurance companies, employer-funded health plans and individuals. While hospitals don't like to tout the fact that they offer good deals on some of their specialties, patients across the country are now traveling to some top-notch medical centers, including the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, to save money on their procedures.
"We've been contracting with major insurance companies and administrators to offer this service," says Victor Lazarro Jr., cofounder and CEO of BridgeHealth Medical, the Greenwood Village, Colo., company that O'Keeffe used.
Check out the rest; it's really interesting stuff.
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