The 'Biggest Loser' with Joe Ostaszewski

The Biggest Loser - Season 14
The following is a guest post from Joe Ostaszewski of the Biggest Loser. Look for his posts here every Tuesday after the show.

I found my need for The Biggest Loser just a few years ago while sitting with my twin brother Henry waiting for our dad to recover from a triple bipass. My dad's problem was caused by his weight and as we were sitting there, I looked over at my brother and said "You are huge!" He looked back at me and said, "Oh yeah, what are you, a ballerina?" The truth is, we were both football players who played in college and who were drafted into the NFL and now were so far from our athletic selves.

Henry called me a few weeks after this conversation to suggest we try out for the show. He thought this was our chance, but I was completely against it. I didn't want to show America my struggles. The last thing I wanted to do was take my shirt off for all of America to see the person I let myself become. Henry called me out, he said I needed to get over my ego and focus on what was really important. And he was right, because three weeks later he found himself at a heart specialist in need of surgery.

This was my identical twin. I was so scared that I was not far from this very same thing. I was driving home from work when I found out and I could not stop crying.

When the opportunity came, we did try out for the show, however I was accepted and he wasn't. Henry however is looking at this as an opportunity to get himself on track too. We have a little bet going...whoever loses the most weight has to pay for the other's family to go to Disney World. So I have to win!

When I first started at the ranch, I weighed a solid 364 pounds. Dolvett Quince is my trainer who is really working with me to figure out how I let myself get to where I am. The truth is, no one wants to be this big. I couldn't believe I let myself get there and adjusting to Dolvett's workouts is really tough. I feel like my body is in shock all the time. By the first three weeks, I had lost a total of 47 pounds which left me at 317 pounds. It was such an accomplishment, but at the same time, when you are that big it doesn't seem like that much. I know I still have so far to go. My first goal is to finally be out of the 300s.

So now that you know a little bit about me, I will be giving you my behind the scenes thoughts on the show.

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