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What Were They Thinking?

Last night's debate is a hot topic this morning on blogs of all stripes for all sorts of reasons (see here and here). But one glaring hole in last night's discussion was the complete lack of health care questions. Is it possible that no one asked a health care question? That is hard to believe. Did the organizers think that folks are not concerned about their health care? That is even harder to believe. When we poll our members, we consistently see that health care (and financial security) consistently rank as the nation's top domestic concerns.
A lost opportunity? You bet. These debates should be about the pocketbook issues the majority of Americans care about--not just special interests of a small group of folks. Last night was a lot lacking in that department. This was a shot for both CNN and the candidates to address the number one issue for voters and more specifically, 50 plus voters. And in the last election, one in four voters was an AARP member.

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