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Happy Father's Day: You're Not Valued As Much As Mom (Around the House)

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Matt Buck

Sorry, dads, but you're just not worth as much as moms around the house. And worse, your value hasn't even kept pace with inflation.

A new survey says you're only worth about one-third as much as mom -- $20,248 versus $60,182 -- based on what it would cost to pay someone to do the household chores you do.

The results were released just days before Father's Day.

Sadly, dads, your replacement value also has dropped. Your current worth is about $1,000 less than the inflation-adjusted value you snagged 10 years ago (($16,495, or $21,365 in today's value).

The annual Father's Day Index computed dads' value using Bureau of Labor Statistics job descriptions and corresponding pay. Among the occupations it measured: cook (grilling on the barbecue), automotive service technician (keeping the family car running), grounds maintenance worker (mowing the lawn), teacher (helping with homework), and laborer and freight (moving furniture).

These chores were based on the typical division of household labor many Boomers grew up with: moms spending more time taking care of the children (child care worker), carting them back and forth (taxi driver/chauffeur), and shopping (personal care aide) while dad tended to other duties.

While mom's value in the home remains much higher, outside the home, it continues to be a different story. Women still make less than men for the doing the same jobs-77 cents on the dollar. Some politicians are trying to change that. Just last week, the Paycheck Fairness Act came to a vote in the  Senate but was defeated.

Nevertheless, around the house, dad just can't compete with mom.

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