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Keep Money Safe When You Travel

I've always traveled a lot, and I suppose the odds are that when you travel frequently enough, eventually you'll bump up against some people who'd like to separate you from your traveling money and other valuables. No, I'm not talking about sales people at roadside tourist traps like Big Ralph's Snake and Dinosaur Emporium.

I was robbed once in the streets of Istanbul, had money stolen out of my backpack at a youth hostel in Canada, and - on one of the rare occasions when I've actually stayed at a high-priced, swanky hotel here in the U.S. - someone gained access to my room while I was out and made off with some cash I'd carelessly left out in the open. Oh well, the benefits of world travel definitely outweigh the occasional misadventures, at least in my opinion.

Here's a nifty little repurposing trick I picked up from a fellow traveler. I call it my "Secret Travel Safe."

Take an empty deodorant container (I like to use "Secret" brand, for obvious namesake reasons), and keep your spare cash, credit cards, jewelry, and other little valuables in it when you travel (or even when you're at home). If you're traveling internationally, it's also a good place to keep a photocopy of your passport and other travel documents in case the originals are stolen.

I kind of doubt that if a thief is casing your hotel room or rummaging through your bags at the airport, they'll steal your deodorant.  And, even if they do, you might be able to track them down based on their scent.

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Photo courtesy Jeff Yeager

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