AARP Cheat Sheet: Friday, October 8


(Margaret Meade at 89, looking at the same picture of herself that is projected on the wall. Meade had Alzheimers.)
"It was hard for me to grasp she had Alzheimers. She was so lovely. When Mom couldn't remember what day it was, she could still drive herself to bowling three times a week." -Charla Hutchenson, daughter
Photographer Gregg Segal undertook a project: photographing Alzheimers' victims with the images of their former selves. The result is an amazing gallery of 12 portraits, stories, and Segal's voice telling you about taking their portrait. It's a celebration of who they were, and who they are still... and one of my favorite things we've published yet. Check it out. Also see: Fox Business on what baby boomers need to know about Alzheimers.
Obama signs bill to bring Internet and telephone access closer to disabled: The bill updates "the American Disabilities Act to force captioning on Internet video, voice prompts for smartphones and menus on television for the blind."
Labor Department: "Job openings rose in August for a second month and layoffs dropped sharply, evidence that the job market was slowly healing."
Obama pocket vetoes bill that would have made it a bit easier for foreclosures to get signed. Oh, and your quote of the day: "Democrats were trying to figure out Thursday how they allowed a bill to pass that critics say would introduce more fraud into the system."
And for your Friday: "We can exhaustively ­explore every aspect of athletic life -- victory, defeat, violence, racism, drugs, brain damage, paralysis, death -- but nothing reveals as much about the physiology, psychology and sociology of sport as the excretory experience of athletes." ESPN covers athlete poop stories.

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