AARP Cheat Sheet: FRIDAY, October 29

Happy Friday! Above, Nancy P. Graham, AARP the Magazine's indomitable editor in chief, signed up to learn from the pros - in this case, Dancing With the Stars' Corky Ballas. And, of course, she wanted to learn the jive.
More great Jeff Gordon moments: "Speaking Wednesday after a sponsorship announcement for his No. 24 Chevrolet at Hendrick Motorsports, Gordon, 39, said he figures to keep on driving in NASCAR's top national touring series for a long time -- even beyond the three years covered by his new sponsorship agreement with the AARP Foundation. Heck, he might even drive until he qualifies for AARP membership, which comes for all Americans at the age of 50."
Words to live by, trust me: "For a parent helping one single child choose a college, what matters is this: whether it's the right fit for your kid. That may mean ignoring the lists and articles and focusing on the student's goals and what's a manageable debt load after college." They go on to recommend Lifetuner, which recently ran a fascinating interview with Anya Kamenetz on controlling education costs: "Student loan debt can be more severe than credit card debt because typically it is not protected by bankruptcy. 'The federal government can and will seize your tax refunds, Social Security and disability payments until your dying day.' "
Speaking of government, let's get to this election thing - we're all of five days away. Watch a day in the life of three female candidates on the election trail; Cokie Roberts moderates a discussion on the election and the economy for 50+ voters; if you haven't seen our voter guide yet, get to it; and we sum up what's at stake for you here.
More older Americans living with HIV: "The good news is antiretroviral therapies are working and people are living. If all goes well, they will have life expectancies similar to those without HIV. But a 55-year-old with HIV tends to look like a 70-year-old without HIV in terms of the other conditions they need treatment for." - Daniel Tietz, executive director of the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America.
Yup, New York still can't see the World Series. Guess who's stepping in? John Kerry. "The senator is preparing to introduce his bill in the lame-duck session as 3 million Cablevision customers grapple with the loss of Fox stations during the World Series, and as Fox threatens a nationwide shut-off of its broadcast channels on the Dish Network this weekend."
Planning to climb Everest? Well, it doesn't matter if you can't Tweet about it. And now you can. From Everest.
That's all we got. Bring it on, Halloween weekend.

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