AARP Cheat Sheet: Friday, September 10

(via the highly entertaining YouTube Time Machine)

Our own Amy Goyer is quoted talking about the rise in children living with their grandparents:
"These are not necessarily grandparents who are retired. ... They're preparing for retirement, and a lot of times their retirement savings is going down the drain. ... It puts the grandparents' generation in jeopardy as well."
Stem cell research is back on after an appeals court temporarily reinstated federal funding yesterday. Arguments the Obama administration made in the case: Removing the funding would cause "mice to be euthanized," cells in petri dishes to "starve," and "scores of scientists' paychecks [would] be suspended." Well, then.
Watch those fees on your retirement accounts: "Expenses in 401(k) plans often are higher than investors realize, yet difficult to pin down." However, "expense is the most important determinant of results."
Inventive housing solutions: back to the group house? "A few determined people actually have created what's called senior cohousing, small developments and neighborhoods that combine private homes with community connections and obligations and spaces."

Good news: Those ads against text-messaging while driving may have soaked in a little.
Fatalities on the road are down 10% to their lowest level in decades.
Happy Friday. Your quote of the day, from New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger:
"We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD."

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