AARP Cheat Sheet: Thursday, January 6

( From the editor: "Pixar's films have always been very important in my life. I was 6 years old when I watched Toy Story the first time, and his films made my childhood more happy. So this video is a personal tribute for, in my opinion, the best animation studio of all time.")
Life after overdraft fees: same fees, different reasons. Bank of America is trying out new accounts with services that reward behavior: "Bank of America starts trials of the four account types this month in Massachusetts, Arizona and Georgia, and expects to move all customers to the accounts starting in 2012, Price said yesterday in a telephone interview. Higher minimum balances can earn rewards like multiple accounts, and discounts on services including money orders and checkbooks. A fifth program for those with $50,000 in combined balances includes concierge services and higher interest rates."
Fun with demographics and real estate: "Basically, we have a mismatch, with an epic number of Baby Boomers, numerically the largest generation in history, heading into retirement and looking to sell their homes. But there is a dearth of 30-to 45-year-old buyers available or even interested in moving on up into these big Boomer suburban palaces.
"Suppose you blogged or tweeted about this article, or dashed off a Facebook status update, or uploaded a few snapshots from your iPhone to Flickr, and then logged off this mortal coil. It's now taken for granted that the things we do online are reflections of who we are or announcements of who we wish to be. So what happens to this version of you that you've built with bits? Who will have access to which parts of it, and for how long?" - New York Times, yesterday.

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