AARP Cheat Sheet: Thursday, October 14


( Portrait of James "J.B." Brown via the wonderful People's District.)
Good morning. Congratulations to the Chilean miners, whose stories are already becoming slightly legendary. AARP's David Certner tweeted last night "Chilean miners all safe, healthy and alive. Thanks in no small part to the leadership of their foreman, an experienced age 50+ worker." (Certner's talking about Luis Urzua, age 54, profiled here.)
Good Morning America talks cougars: "More and more women in Hollywood and beyond are ignoring the age gap when it comes to love. A third of middle-aged women are now dating men at least 10 years younger, according to a poll by AARP."
Busted: "By inventing 118 bogus health clinics in 25 states, prosecutors said, a band of Armenian-American gangsters billed Medicare for more than $100 million, and managed to collect $35 million over at least four years. "
The more you know.... unveiled an online tool to help you better calculate how far your loved one's Alzheimer's disease has progressed. The tool dishes out advice for caring at that stage - and it's pretty specific, both with advice and the tool's questions.
Maddening: The employees who processed foreclosures at J.P. Morgan and Chase were often called "'Burger King kids' -- walk-in hires who were so inexperienced they barely knew what a mortgage was."
" But the ones who are lucky enough to survive twice, they will become astronauts. They will become men who've walked on the moon. They will be men who know true deprivation, who know true fear, who know true darkness. And now, one by one, in that singular instant, they learned true joy, true beauty, true love. They will understand how good a steak really tastes. They will know how lucky we are to be able to turn on a tap and feel hot water coming out of it. They will hear a baby's crying differently in the night. They will stand in the rain with their faces up rather than down. They will never get mad about being stuck in traffic. They will never try to figure out magic tricks. They will be believers." - Chris Jones, on the Chilean miners.

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