AARP Cheat Sheet: Thursday, October 21

("Untitled" via nuzz.)
"Baseball has become your father's Oldsmobile." Christine Brennan, in the Washington Post, sums up why more people watched the Titans-Jaguars playing on Monday Night Football than the "crucial" Game 3 baseball playoff (Rangers-Yankees, playing in the Bronx, featuring a dominant Cliff Lee pitching performance.)
Will California need to raise the retirement age? "We're talking about a perfect storm: more state services needed for an aging population, a workforce that will spend more years in retirement than they did contributing to the funds, and a smaller ratio of working-age taxpayers and contributing state workers to pay for it all." - Perry Wong, director of regional economics at the Milken Institute.
Insurers experimenting with ways to make cancer treatments more cost-effective: It's all in the incentives. "By proposing a different type of payment structure, companies hope to lower doctors' dependence on a system that generates substantial sums for cancer specialists who routinely favor top-of-the line treatments."
The overseer of the BP claims fund: "Take the money. Move on as best you can. Finality is a good thing.
Is medical research tainted? Long read for your weekend: "The odds that anything useful will survive from any of these studies are poor," says Ioannidis--dismissing in a breath a good chunk of the research into which we sink about $100 billion a year in the United States alone."

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