AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, October 5

UK Voter Intelligence At Its Worst for 40 Years

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Good morning, everyone. We're less than a month away from Election Day, and this is about the time where we're all just a bit fed up with the lot of 'em. We have a very useful voter guide up this morning - just enter your address and it'll create a sample ballot for you.
It seems the health industry's dollars are largely going toward Republicans, as recent federal election contributions get analyzed. "Since January 2010, the five largest insurance companies and America's Health Insurance Plans, the industry's lobbying group, have given three times more money to Republican lawmakers and their PACs. Insurers believe Republicans are likely to regain control in one or both chambers of Congress and play a greater role in reshaping the reform law, according to industry observers."
Is there a male menopause? Drug makers - and some doctors- seem to think so: "This male menopause - "manopause, " if you will - is said to stem from an age-related decline in testosterone, the hormone that plays a key role in everything from puberty to maintaining muscle strength and bone mass to sex drive."
You might not hear anyone saying the word "Democrat" too loudly this fall. "In a year of insurgency and anti-incumbency, being a Republican in New York State is, for the first time in a long time, not a bad thing, because being a Democrat implies you're an incumbent," - Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran Democratic consultant.
I 've lost track of all the industries the iPad is supposed to enable: "The brothers are .. betting that Internet technology and Apple's iPad can make electronic records far easier to use and less expensive. Last week, they introduced a new product, Nimble, to allow doctors to manage patient information by connecting their iPads to data centers managed by the Doerrs' software company, ClearPractice." Oh, and iPads will become the new credit card reader in everyone's pocket: "So let's say someone from Craigslist comes over to buy your old junk. You snap the Square reader into your phone or tablet... Now you swipe the customer's card, which may take you a couple of tries. Your happy customer signs the phone's touch screen with a finger (a coming software revision will make this step optional). If you like, you can tap in the customer's e-mail address; the receipt is then sent automatically, complete with a little map showing exactly where the transaction took place."
That's our roundup. Check back with us later for more. Happy Tuesday.

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