AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, October 19
(Your Life Calling, featuring Ken Wood - who so far has built 460 wells in Ghana to provide fresh drinking water. More at - and sign up for our live chat, today at noon ET.)
Good morning. As we start carving pumpkins and making Thanksgiving plans, an important midterm election is weeks from ending. Politico says 99 Democratic house seats are in play, and the Wall Street Journal says the Republican leadership is already talking post-election legislative strategy. As always, you can evaluate your race by checking with our voter guide.
Esther Tuttle: nearly 100, sharper than I can claim to be. "Each morning, she does an hour of yoga and other floor exercises, then dresses and goes out on the street or to the top of her Manhattan apartment building for a half-hour walk before breakfast. Her usual breakfast: orange juice, oatmeal, a banana and black coffee. Then she works at her desk, mostly corresponding with her 11 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild, now 3. "So many birthdays -- one or two a month," she said."
Eat that salmon: More and more evidence that Vitamin B12 factors in against Alzheimer's disease.

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